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Bio Daniela Sousa

Artistic name

Daniella Vol

Born in Porto - Portugal 1972


(1980 - 1990)


Starts the artistic journey in a theater group of S. Mamede de Infesta in Porto, where he participates in the staging and representation of 5 theatrical productions presented annually in summer festival shows


Attends Ballet, Hip Hop & Break Dance courses that complement Jazz, Pop and other forms of body expression

Member of St. Julian's School athletics and acrobatic gymnastics team in Carcavelos


(1990 - 2000)


He attended a Business & Management course at Universidade Lusíada in Lisbon, which he completed in 1995


He was an assistant at Euro RSCG from 1995 to 1996 in the area of ​​corporate events and brand launches

She was a consultant for Warner Music in the area of ​​events from 1996 to 2000

Managed the entertainment and events department at Aquaparque Restelo from 1996 to 1997

Was a production partner at Eutaxia - Assessoria Cultural from 1996 to 1998 in the areas of corporate events

In 1996, she co-founded the production company Nirvana where she designs and manages dozens of corporate events and theatrical multimedia happenings for film and album launches by Polygram, BMG, Sony, Warner, Universal, among others


In 1997 she is co-creator of the Digital Award of the Portuguese Phonographic Association


Co-produced for Portugal launch events for various productions, films and albums such as:





green Day

Harry Potter


Mike Oldfield

Phil Collins




Stone Temple Pilots

The 3 Tenors

The Crow

The Doors

Van Halen

Xutos & Kicks

4 Non Blondes


She is co-creator of the international platform Nirvana Roadshows that offers dozens of exotic vehicles and roadshow trucks for multinational tours


(2000 - 2010)


Attends and attends the Cabaret Rock and Diesel Punk performance workshops conducted by Michel Gigolo during the pre Custom Circus period


Attends Reflexo in Lisbon theatrical course on Performative Dance in the aesthetics of Burlesque and Vintage Cabaret


Participates in Gothic & Tribal Bellydance workshops and masterclasses in Madrid


In 2002 she co-founded the theater company Custom Circus, for which she produces shows:


The Wheel Saga (2002)

Custom Parade (2003)


In the performative choreographic strand, she started training in the Gothic Tribal and Cyber ​​Industrial aesthetics in Portugal and Spain


At the production company Nirvana he coordinates several shows for Euro2004


Complements performer training with suspension master classes and aerial numbers by Nouveau Cirque at Armazém 13 (Aerial Hoop), Jazzy Studios (Aerial Dance) and at Jaya Aerial School (Hammock Suspension)


In 2004 she signs exclusivity with Custom Circus as an actress, choreographer, producer and artist, producing for this company the following shows:


Full Moon (2004)

Custom Party (2004)

Theater on Wheels (2005)

Prisoners of the Blues (2006)

Fire Performers (2007)

Gigolo Dance (2008)


In the same period she is co-author of the following exhibitions, plastic and architectural works:


Raver (2004)

Apokalipse Bunker (2005)

Psygon Hot Rod (2005)

STRANGE Gallery (2006)

Band Box Corridors (2006 - 2008)

International Taxi (2008)

Biodiesel Blues (2009)

Wall of Fame (2010)


In 2004 she co-founded Nirvana Studios - The Alternative Cultural Center


At Nirvana Studios she is also co-author of the projects:


Band Box - Community of Musicians (2006)

Nirvana Boulevard - Collective of Artists (2007)

Art Express - Dynamic Installation of Performers (2008)


International coordinator of the Nirvana Roadshows platform until 2010


(2010 - 2018)


She is co-founder of the following projects:


Teatro Custom Café (2012)

UR Project “Upcycling-Recycling” - Artistic Experimentation Installations (2014)

Steampunk Ateliers - Artisans Collectives (2015)

Custom Ville - Art residences in Upcycling bungalows (2017)

Nirvana Map Tour - Outdoor Gallery with Digital APP (2018)

At Custom Circus, she is co-choreographer and producer of the following shows:

Le Cabaret Rock (2012)

Bizarre Chic (2014)

The Journey (2015)

Absurdium (2017)


In the same period she is co-author of the following exhibitions, plastic and architectural works:


Custom Café “Imaginarium, Collection & Gallery” (2012)

Backstage Army Truck (2012)

Aunt Maria (2012)

Regie (2012)

Diner 1903 (2013)

On the Road Again (2013)

Raus Human Portico (2014)

Bus Stop (2014)

Cargo Station (2015)

Saga Truck (2015)

Make a Promise (2015)

Heirs of Apokalipse (2016)

Check Point (2016)

Rock Shop Gigolo Dance (2016)

Steampunk Corridors (2017)

World Unit 2072 (2018)


Since the beginning of this company, she managed all her casting and participated as an actress in more than 800 shows of Custom Circus

Other Facts:

Daniella inherited a female DNA from two independent and enterprising great-grandparents who alone educated their offspring amid difficulties and the biblical mathematical spirit of sacred multiplication, as one had six children and the other only nine in a country where machismo was not even noticed and one mother had to keep a smile from ear to ear even if the house was on fire.

With his roots in Porto and in antagonism with life in the city, he will not forget the free and wild childhood he lived with his grandparents in the long stays in Serra do Marão. He grew up with a membership marked by extremes, between an authoritarian and ruled banking mother who awoke the natural talent of management in contrast to a father who was all a man of music, radio and video pioneer in Portugal who very early influenced his artistic side .

Stubborn, stubborn and faithful to her ideals, she early gained an independence rare to see in the Portuguese girls of the 80s, because even below her 18 years of age, she terrorized the old ladies in the neighborhood with her motorcycle and embarrassed the rockers of the area when she went alone London see bands like Van Halen.

In Carcavelos-Lisboa, she studied for years under the baton of the English school St. Julians but a lover of the sun, the sea and Pop Culture, she was a convinced beach girl, a free style skater and an experimentalist of the most en vogue dances during her adolescence. at the high.

As an unofficial assistant to his father, he always had a safe "access all areas" conduit that allowed him to attend the entourage of several dozen tours and concerts such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2, Red Hot Chilli Pepers, among many others. And having a father who was long years old, the director of Warner Music Portugal broadened his horizons on an international scale and gave him the opportunity to consolidate a group of friends within the middle of the show, the media and advertising. This fact, added to her experience as a part time promoter, would shape her decision to create her own marketing and event production company after college.

However, the destination is not always that obvious and on a beautiful day in 1994, being too late for an event this intrepid adventurer who brazenly exceeded the speed limits in her old 1972 VW cabriolet, barely knew she was about to find two crazy people full of absurd projects that against all predictions their partners have been for 23 years. And they themselves admit that if this 3rd madwoman had not believed in them, nobody else would! And most likely they would have ended up as mercenaries on an Indian freighter or masters of ceremonies on a Siberian freak show.

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