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concurso de bandas do concelho de oeiras


Oeiras Band Sessions 2021

(Bands Contest Regulation)

Article 1 - Purpose

This document defines the participation rules for the bands in the “Oeiras Band Sessions 2021”

Article 2 - Purpose

This initiative aims to make public the musical production of the bands, to stimulate the artistic creation of young people and to promote the socio-cultural exchange.

Article 3 - Addressees


All projects that have one of the following characteristics in Oeiras * can apply:

  • One of the members lives in the County

  • The project regularly tests in the Municipality

  • Perform regularly in a space of the Municipality

  • Have an artistic intersection with a cultural project in the Municipality


* Elements over the age of 15 years

Article 4 - Conditions for Registration and Participation

Registration will be free and to participate in the “Oeiras Band Sessions 2021”, those interested must present the following elements:

4.1. A duly completed registration form (at , accompanied by a small

history and photocopy of the ID or Citizen Card of the members of the band;

4.2. Model with two themes of his authorship in digital register (Mp3, CD, DVD, etc.).

The total running time cannot exceed 20 minutes.

Observation on the quality of the recording is recommended, as the poor quality may compromise the identification of the music with prejudice in the evaluation and, consequently, in the classification.

4.3. The models presented must be accompanied by the respective letters, mentioning the name of the authors of the lyrics and songs, together with the registration form that exists for this purpose.

4.4. Themes can be written and sung in any language.

4.5. The competing bands have to interpret the themes presented in the Maqueta, and must communicate to the organization if they choose not to do so.

4.6. The competing bands authorize, in the act of registration and participation, the live recording (in audio and video) of the show and edition of CD / DVD for free distribution, with the authors automatically tacitly agreeing, and it is not up to them to claim copyright.

4.7. The bands are responsible for the lyrics and songs in the contest, assuming for this reason the entities are fully responsible for their use.

4.8. The organization will not incur any expenses from the participating bands (transport, accommodation, etc.).

Article 5 - Registration

5.1. Papers must be sent to the e-mail (must be converted into MP3 and placed in a compressed file) or sent by registered mail to “Oeiras Band Sessions 2021” Nirvana Studios, Estrada Militar 66, 2730-226 Barcarena , in both cases accompanied by the registration form available at and , duly completed and other data mentioned above.

5.2. The works will be considered as long as they arrive at the referred place until the 4th of June, in the case of sending by mail, the date of registration with CTT is valid.

5.3. So that there are no flaws in the applications, the bands are asked to confirm that they are registered, via tel. 93 823 66 33 (from 9 am to 9 pm) .

Article 6 - Jury

6.1. The performance of the bands will be evaluated by a suitable jury, consisting of a minimum of 5 impartial elements linked to the musical environment and representatives of the organization or to whom it delegates.

6.2. The juries will evaluate the originality, presence on stage and the quality of musical performance, interpretation and composition.

6.3. The jury's decisions are irrevocable and cannot be subject to any type of appeal.

Article 7 - Selection and Disclosure of Bands

7.1. Of all the models received, the organization will select 3 bands, having as criteria only the evaluation of the songs presented in those models.

7.2. The selected bands will be notified by phone and / or to the email address indicated in the respective registration forms.

Article 8 - Contest format

8.1. The order of performance of the bands will be previously established, by drawing lots and will be unalterable;

8.2. The contest will have 1 day of performance. The final will be played between the three bands that won the respective qualifiers.

8.3. In each performance the bands must play a maximum of 20 minutes.

8.4. The competing bands must play original themes, being able to play only one cover theme as a warm up.

8.5. The performance of the bands cannot be done in playback.

8.6. The delay or lack of appearance of the competitors implies their disqualification;

8.7. After the performance of the bands, a vote is taken to classify them through a jury and the public.

8.8. The final classification, in addition to counting on the jury, will count on a public vote, worth 20% of the votes.

Article 9 - Awards

1st place:

  • An exclusive rehearsal room with use 24 hours a day for 6 months

  • Performance at Oeiras 2021 Summer Animations

  • Dissemination of videos and images through the Web and media

2nd place:

  • An exclusive rehearsal room with use 24 hours a day for 3 months

  • Performance at Oeiras 2021 Summer Animations

  • Dissemination of videos and images through the Web and media

3rd place:

  • Performance at Oeiras 2021 Summer Animations

  • Dissemination of videos and images through the Web and media

Possibility of more prizes to be announced during the event:

Article 10 - Technical Support

10.1. Sound, light and backline equipment will be made available as well as sound and light technicians. The backline is composed of drums, two guitar amplifiers and bass amplifier, which will be common to all performances, and the selected bands should send, if they have, their technical raider.

10.2. The competing bands must be present strictly at the time set by the organization for the sound rehearsal.

Article 11 - Doubts, Omissions and final provisions

11.1. Any doubts and omissions that may arise will be resolved by the organization.

11.2. The participating bands, for the purpose of complying with the provisions of Article 41 of the Code of Copyright and Related Rights, must authorize in writing, upon registration.

11.3. Participation in the contest presupposes full acceptance of these regulations.

11.4. The bands participating in the contest agree to comply with all instructions given by the organization in the course of this.

11.6. The falsity of the data provided will be grounds for automatic elimination from the Contest.


Article 12 - Contacts “Oeiras Band Sessions 2021”


Mobile: 93 823 66 33 (from 9 am to 9 pm)

Telephone: 21 806 38 90 (from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm)


Regulation subject to change